CSGO Betting Sites Guide

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the best-loved and most popular video games in the world, and it has developed a huge following since the original version of the 1st person shooter iGaming phenomenon first burst onto the esports scene in 2000. At CSGOgambling24.com, we offer our take on some of the most popular CSGO betting and gambling sites out there – and give our impartial take on what they can offer, and most importantly, what bettors can gain from using these sites to take part in the wide variety of CSGO tournaments that take place globally throughout the year.

As in conventional sports betting, finding the best value for your bet can be a tricky process, with each bookie competing to offer what it claims are the best odds and the best bonuses. Some of the welcome offers for new customers at bookmakers can be very tempting indeed, but there is always the small print to check out.

Best CSGO betting sites that We Offen

LOOT.BET CSGO Betting Bonus
5.0 rating
CSGObetting.live Welcome offer
4.3 rating
Betfair CSGO Betting Bonus
4.8 rating
Betway CSGO Betting Bonus
4.0 rating
eBettle CSGO Betting Bonus
3.5 rating
Paddy Power CSGO Betting Bonus
3.5 rating
William Hill CSGO Betting Bonus
4.0 rating
Tipbet CSGO Betting Bonus
3.5 rating
gg.bet CSGO Betting Bonus
4.5 rating

At CSGOgambling24.com, we have done our research to find out the best sites – so that you can focus on getting involved in the game, and earning some decent payouts at the same time. Our new list for 2020 is still up, so you can get all the information you need to make the right choice. The CSGO betting sites that got our best ratings include: Pinnacle10betBetfairBetwayebettlePaddy PowerWilliam HillTipbetgg.bet and LOOT.BET.

We chose these csgo betting sites because they offer the best Counter Strike wagering services in the industry – and ratings are based on a comprehensive review of all that they have to offer and the kind of esports experience that you can expect if you decide to become a member.

What We Look For top lists CSGO match betting sites

We have examined all aspects of these CSGO betting sites, so that you can be confident in your choice. We’ve researched the history of each platform, and have commented on whether they are established – or whether they are new in the esports industry, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both perspectives. An important part of the CSGOgambling24.com review criteria was the variety of esports markets, and of course – how dedicated each of the sites is to their Counter Strike: Global Offensive provision. We look for sites that showcase a wide variety of tournaments and competitions – and comment on how good those offerings are.

If you’ve ever visited one of the many CS:GO betting sites out there, you’ll know that there’s a lot of variance in the types and numbers of bets available. Some sites offer limited options, such as a simple bet on the team that is likely to win – or even map winner or handicap bets. However, many of the best have a whole host of ways to place a wager on the most popular Counter Strike competitions. Other ways of betting that are offered by the more dedicated sites include: towers destroyed, rounds, kills or even a third map.

At CSGOgambling24.com, we also understand that website functionality is an important part of your betting experience – so we’ve conducted a thorough investigation of how user friendly these sites are, and how easy it is to get started and actually place your first wager.

Our reviews also include lots of added extras that are useful for choosing a site for CS:GO betting, including: mobile apps, live betting and live streaming, bonuses, extra features, customer service and much more – so all that’s left to do is enjoy the games.

How to Take Advantage of CSGO Bonuses

Most bookmaker bonuses, whether for an Esports specialist bookmaker like GGBet or a mainstream bookmaker like William Hill, come in the form of free bets. These free bets can be awarded to the customer in various ways. Most often, the new customer to a site must place a certain amount of cash in their first bet, and will receive a number of free bets credited to their account. Sometimes, this takes the form of a 100 per cent bonus, where the size of the customer’s initial bet or account deposit is replicated by the bookmaker. This is a really good form of bonus, and is very accessible, as all a customer needs to do is register an account with the bookmaker.

Other common bonuses include a free bet club, where if a customer places a certain type of bet up to a certain amount of money each week, they will qualify for a weekly free bet. The numbers involved are usually around £25 of bets to receive a £5 free bet, and a number of bookmakers run this type of scheme. It is usually aimed at mainstream sports bettors, often football fans, but all types of sports betting, including esports, usually qualify for the bonus. This type of bonus most often applies to accumulators, where the customer places a series of bets on one coupon, with the winnings from the first bet rolling over to be used a stake on the next bet. If one bet fails, then the whole coupon loses, though. Accumulators are good way of betting on esports matches, however, as they are a great way of making the most of relatively low odds, especially if you are something of an expert on the CSGO scene. Choosing at least one outright favourite on the coupon is always a good idea too. Well-known CSGO players rarely lose in the early rounds of tournaments, so a selection such as this can ‘anchor’ the accumulator, and make it more likely to be successful overall.

Other accumulator promotions are also available from a number of bookmakers, with many offering some kind of guarantee if just one selection on the coupon fails. This kind of bonus will usually be given in the form of free bets. As a result, accumulators are a good way of making the most of any bonuses on offer. Not only will the customer qualify for the initial free bet offers, but they will also receive ongoing bonuses every week, as long as they place qualifying bets. The other good thing about accumulators is that they really allow a gambler to make best use of their knowledge for the maximum return. Although more suited to the experienced gambler rather than the novice, every esports bettor should think about using an accumulator from time to time.

A Whole World of Esports Bonuses

The best bonuses for esports gamblers can be found at the mainstream bookmakers such as William Hill, or Paddy Power. William Hill’s current offer of £30 of free bets for a £10 sports bet really is excellent, and a very accessible bonus that does not require a huge amount of commitment from the customer. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power is currently offering the same deal to new customers too. William Hill tends to offer a greater variety of CSGO markets than Paddy Power, however, which can provide a somewhat limited range of Esports events and tournaments.

When choosing a bookmaker, it is important to check if they are properly licensed to take real money bets in your country of residence. This is especially important for British esports gamblers, as many specialist esports betting sites are not licensed in the UK. Always check this before opting to register with a bookmaker, as it can lead to awkwardness, disappointment and annoyance if it turns out you are not allowed to bet using real money.

Betway is one bookmaker which has shown real commitment to esports, not least in their sponsorship deal with CSGO team Ninjas in Pyjamas. They also have a good offer available to new customers, with a 100 per cent deposit bonus of up to £50 available for all first time bettors. Betway also provides Esports fans with one of the best ranges of events and tournaments on which to bet, and covers most of the biggest CSGO events. They are also one of the few mainstream bookmakers to offer regular bonuses aimed specifically at Esports gamblers.

Currently, Betway is offering a month of esports specific bonuses, including free bets in return for betting a certain amount on esports. There are also event specific bonuses on offer from Betway which apply to esports from time to time. It is well worth any CSGO fan checking out Betway. It really is a bookmaker which takes esports seriously, and is looking to entice more fans into the site with targeted promotions.

What is CSGO Betting?

Counter Striker: Global Order was launched in 2012 as the fourth game in the Counter Strike franchise. A superb first-person shooter, its team play and the complexity and challenge of its scenarios have made it very popular with esports fans. It has become especially popular with fans of esports gambling, with many thousands of people placing bets on the outcomes of matches and tournaments. The overall market for esports gambling has become massively lucrative over the last couple of years or so, and awareness of this is beginning to creep into the mainstream, especially in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. One Danish football team, FC Copenhagen, has even added a CSGO team to its club structure, as the phenomenon grows and becomes more generally popular.

CSGO betting is now available at many mainstream bookmakers, as well as at specialist esports websites. Odds are given, usually, on match or overall tournament winners, with the bets counting as part of the bookmaker’s standard sports book. Bookmakers will provide markets on matches, most usually, though more and more are now offering odds on overall tournament winners too. Some mainstream bookmakers have taken the lead from esports specialist bookies, and begun to offer live in play options for esports bettors too. This is where you can bet while a match is taking place, on markets such as most kills, or which team will win the next map.

Just like in conventional, mainstream sports betting, a host of factors can shape outcomes in CSGO. Esports gamblers need to know as much as possible about the teams and players on which they are betting. The media coverage of CSGO is beginning to take off, with increasing numbers of websites and blogs looking to cover the sport in a much more professional way. Even sports billionaires are starting to take note, with Arsenal FC’s major shareholder, Alisher Usmanov, backing the Virtus Pro team recently with a staggering $100,000,000 investment. With that kind of money being chucked around, it is no wonder that mainstream sports commentators and, significantly, bookmakers, are starting to sit up and take notice.