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Coinflip game is popular all over the world, and its history can be traced back even to the times of Ancient China. There, people had coins with a portrait of their emperor on the one side and a picture of a ship on the other one. They made predictions and tossed a coin. The winner was a person who managed to guess which side of the coin would land face up. In some parts of the world, this game is also known as heads or tails.

So, there is no wonder that coinflip became one of the most widely used CSGO gambling options. Nowadays, there are a lot of CSGO coinflip sites where people can try their luck online. However, it is rather difficult to identify which one offers fair game and where scam schemes are possible. Actually, when you lose a CSGO coinflip game, you do not know whether it was bad luck or cheating.

But there is no need to give up because CSGO gambling 24 has conducted a thorough inspection of the most popular CSGO coinflip websites and managed to determine which ones are the best. In addition, we tried and reached profitable agreements with these brands for the benefit of our users. As a result, these coinflip platforms provided us with great bonuses and promo codes.

Best CSGO CoinFlip Sites 2020

Almost all coinflip CSGO sites have a similar structure, terms, attractive offers, and so on. Therefore, it is rather difficult to make a choice. However, the best CSGO coinflip sites should stand out among others, for instance, by a high level of security or proper and fast service, etc. They usually have a good reputation while being used by a large audience. According to CSGOgambling24, these are the Top 3 coinflip CSGO online platforms:

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Apart from meeting all requirements concerning service and safety, each of these sites has its own advantages giving additional points to their rankings, such as a wide range of games and slots, the possibility to open free cases with CSGO skins, the opportunity to place bets on professional eSports teams, etc.

All users of CSGOgambling24 service are able to take advantage of promo codes that we managed to agree upon with these sites. In most cases, this CSGO coinflip code allows obtaining no more than $0.5-0.95 of a signing-up bonus. But this is enough to realize whether you like this platform or want to look for something more suitable.

So, taking everything mentioned above into consideration, it should be stated that all the listed coinflip websites have some common positive aspects:

  • They survived a serious and thorough test from CSGOgambling24, and no violations were noticed.

  • On these CSGO coinflip sites, free coins or skins can be given for gambling through specific promo codes.

  • These websites have a high-quality support service usually working round the clock, as well as a chat where you can communicate with other users.

  • They are absolutely safe and secure, so you can stop fearing of being scammed or cheated.

  • There are no problems with depositing and withdrawing money, coins, and CSGO skins. These processes can be conducted within several minutes.

How to Choose the Best CSGO CoinFlip Site for Playing – Expert TIPS

New gambling sites continue to appear on the Internet. Therefore, CSGOgambling24 experts have prepared simple and useful tips, which will definitely help to identify the most appropriate CSGO skin coinflip platform.

The first piece of advice concerns your own comfort while dealing with a certain site. Before starting your coinflip CSGO betting, visit the website and evaluate its interface. Look at its structure, decide whether it would be comfortable for you to play there, detect whether all necessary functions and buttons are available. Pay close attention to the withdrawal button. It should be clickable and located on the main page.

In addition, assess the variety of games represented on the site. Even if you are interested exclusively in playing coinflip, look at the list of games and find there the most popular ones such as roulette, blackjack, craft and various slots. The diversity of games means that the site is developed enough.

The second tip is to analyze bonuses and promo codes offered by a site. In most cases, respectable gambling platforms provide their clients with a welcome bonus, which can be represented in the form of either free coins or a small sum of money for gambling. There are no absolutely free CSGO coinflip sites. Otherwise, it would be impossible to win some skins or money.

The last but not least, read general terms and conditions on the site to learn all important details. Pay attention to payment methods available on the platform. It is better when a gambling site provides its clients with a variety of possible payment options, including crypto currency. Furthermore, the best coinflip website should offer fast winning withdrawal. In CSGO coinflip, skins and real money can be won. You should not wait for several days till you get your prize.

How to Play on CSGO CoinFlip?

If you dream of winning a CSGO jackpot, coinflip is probably the easiest way. However, as in other CSGO slots and games, everything depends on your luck. The rules of CSGO coinflip have not particularly changed if compared with a usual variant of this game. This is a kind of competition in luck for two people. At first, both gamblers need to define their bets. In most cases, your CSGO skins are transformed into special coins for this purpose. Real money can also serve as a bet. Then you need to select one side of a coin. In CSGO coinflip, one side corresponds to terrorists and the other one to counter-terrorists. After that, the coin will automatically flip, and you will be able to see the final result. If your prediction comes true, you win all coins, skins or money. Otherwise, you lose everything.

People are fond of CSGO coinflip due to the low probability of losing the game. Actually, your chances are always 50/50. You will not find such attractive odds in any other gambling activity. On the flip side of the coin, it is almost impossible to develop a certain strategy for winning. Nevertheless, some people use a CSGO coinflip simulator to reveal certain patterns.

CSGO coinflip FAQ

There are several methods of making a deposit to a CSGO coinflip site. They can be different depending on the website policy and terms. You should read about possible ways of depositing in the rules of the site before dealing with it. In most cases, you can deposit your CSGO skins from a Steam account, VGO skins, real money taken from credit or debit cards, money from electronic wallets or crypto currencies. For this purpose, you need to click the Deposit button on the main page and follow the offered instructions. Your skins then can be transformed into special gambling coins for betting activity.  

The process of withdrawal depends on the website you deal with. You can usually find out more about it in the section “General Terms and Conditions” that should be available on every site. As a rule, you need to click the Withdrawal button on the main page and wait till your request is approved. Then you will receive a trade offer to bind the won skins with your profile in Steam. If you placed a money bet, you should receive the winning just in the same way you made a deposit.

You can become a winner in the CSGO coinflip game only if you are lucky enough. However, experienced players claim that the larger bet you place, the higher the probability of winning is. But it cannot work on all coinflip websites because some of them have certain bet limits. For instance, the difference between two bets cannot exceed 10%. Other gamblers follow the strategy of the same choice. It means that they always bet on the same coin side, and it is bound to bring a win sooner or later. In this case, the main thing is to have enough money or skins for such experiments.

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