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Ever wondered which type of CSGO gambling sites is the most popular one? CSGO jackpot is probably the most widely spread and well-known CSGO gambling activity in the world. CSGO jackpot sites reach hundreds of thousands in numbers and create an impressive amount of profit for both gamblers and site owners. A CSGO jackpot game involves players putting their skins into a so-called “pot.” Every cent’s worth of their skins gives players one ticket for a potential victory in the game. Therefore, the more money you invest, the higher are your chances of winning. The system would later choose a random ticket to see who has won in the current round. Sounds simple? Not so much. Some jackpot sites in CSGO tend to be unreliable while hitting the jackpot in CSGO is totally dependent on luck rather than on one’s skills. Finding a trustworthy website to play on might be a difficult task to accomplish, especially for inexperienced players. However, CSGOgambling24.com is here to help! Our team of professionals has conducted a throughout research aiming at identifying the best CSGO jackpot sites on the Web. We have carefully reviewed the market and chosen a top list of websites that we believe are worth your attention.

Best CSGO Jackpot Sites 2020 in the World

The below-listed websites are considered highly trustworthy by our team, as we have found out that they all include a list of benefits that point them out from competitors. These jackpot sites are suitable for both experienced gamblers and those who are at the beginning of their path as a gamer. All of these sites have highly profitable bonus systems, which are aimed at gathering a new audience and ensuring a friendly atmosphere for individuals new to the websites. Moreover, the support teams are always willing to help and review your case individually if you are experiencing any difficulties. The websites’ personnel are friendly and helpful and pay the utmost attention to details. Finally, the money withdrawal procedure on these websites is fast and convenient, which we believe to be an important point to consider for any gambler.

So, here are our top 3 picks for the best CSGO jackpot sites 2020:

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We at CSGOgambling24.com believe that the above-mentioned sites would be a great choice for anyone either willing to have a good time and fun betting or searching for a sustainable source of income. If you are hesitant about which CSGO jackpot site to choose, feel free to pick one from our list and enjoy it!

Small CSGO Jackpot Sites 2020 by CSGOgambling24.com

Even if you are not a professional in CSGO jackpot games and you do not possess a very large budget to spend yet, there is a category of CSGO jackpot sites created especially for you! Those are known as small CSGO jackpot sites, and they grant access to CSGO jackpot for poor users. They prohibit players from betting large sums to ensure the friendliness of the overall system and to suit the needs of beginners. These websites are perfect for those willing to get familiar with CSGO jackpot sites yet incapable/unwilling to spend a lot of money on gambling. Similar to the usual jackpot sites, small ones involve players receiving one ticket per every cent they bet into the pot. Chances are therefore distributed in accordance with the number of tickets one possesses (the money they bet, in other words). The only trouble CSGO small jackpot sites might face is a relatively small number of bonuses offered to their customers. The thing here is that small jackpot sites CSGO take a 1%-10% commission from each finished round of a game. These funds allow CSGO low jackpot sites to continue operating, thus being a crucial source of income. Therefore, sites with less money input into the game are less wealthy than those not limiting the size of the pot.

CSGOgambling24.com has made a list of top picks among all small CSGO jackpot sites:

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How to Choose the Best Website for Playing?

We at CSGOgambling24.com highly suggest you consider the following points while making your decision:

  • trust iconSafety. Make sure to check the information on a certain CSGO jackpot simulator on the Internet, do a quick research and find out what people think of it. If the site has a dedicated Steam community page, make sure to check it as well to find any complaints from the customers. People’s feedback is an extremely valuable resource, so every CSGO jackpot site should pay the utmost attention to customer satisfaction criteria.

  • Minimal bet. Choose those cheap CSGO jackpot sites that offer a minimal bet applicable to your budget that you are willing to spend. There is no point in going for overly high bets if you are still unsure about your betting strategy and skills.

  • Skins or coins. CSGO gambling websites offer the possibility to bet either in-game skins or their inner currencies. We at CSGOgambling24.com (similar to most of the players) believe that skins are a better way to place your bet as they allow you to win a really valuable item for your inventory.

  • User activity on the website itself. Most CSGO jackpot sites have an online chat for players to exchange messages without leaving a game. Make sure to check it as well! A chat flooded with spam from the same person might suggest that the website does not have a moderator who would oversee people’s activity and chat messages. Any offensive comments/spam regarding bonuses in a chat are also reasons to leave the site. These cases should also suggest that the support team of the company is not working very well, and if you encounter any troubles, your case most likely will not be reviewed properly. Finally, make sure that the chat on the site is active, which implies that there is constant communication between users. If the last message was left a couple of days ago, such a website is certainly not worth your trust. This applies even to CSGO jackpot sites for poor people.

  • Responsibility. Any decent website should have a page that covers all legal issues that might occur. This information covers the site’s liabilities and rights along with those of customers, the terms of the agreement, and the company’s contacts, which you can use to resolve any legal issues. Ensure that the site specifies the probability of success in per cents and cares about your personal information storage or its spread to third parties. If some of this information is missing, it should be a signal for you to leave such as page immediately.

Playing Jackpot CSGO on Skins VS Playing Jackpot on Coins



Use virtual goods as a currency to bet on various events. Use websites’ inner currencies to bet on events.
Skins can change their prices over time as they tend to follow market rules. For instance, your skin that is now worth $10 might become either $5 or $15 in a couple of months. In this regard, skins are quite similar to stocks on a stock market. The currency price of a given website is only regulated by its administration and does not change with time. Coins represent total stability and tend to ignore changes in skin prices, as the former almost never change their value.
Exchanging skins on the Steam marketplace exposes you to a 15% charge by Valve and limits transaction amount to 400% at a time. How much you can withdraw from a certain website depends solely on their own policy and on that of the payment platform you are using. However, be aware of the tax policy of your country and bank regulations, as some of them might limit your income from unknown sources.
Skins represent a virtual currency, which, despite a probability of price fluctuation, still preserves its value over the years. Steam is unlikely to get closed soon, so you can remain relatively calm about your assets in skins. Coins from websites, despite keeping their value for an extended period of time, might crash completely in one day. CSGO gambling sites are often subject to legal pursuits from the countries they operate in, putting all your finances stored on the site at risk of disappearance.

We at CSGOgambling24.com suggest you stick to CSGO jackpot skin gambling: skins are fluctuating in the short term, yet they are more likely to bring you profits eventually. Coins from websites put all your finances at stake, which is not the best decision to make.

Conclusions and Expert Tips for Playing on CSGO Jackpot Sites

That all sounds great, but is CSGO jackpot really worth your time? Well, if you are willing to spend some time having fun and experiencing an adrenalin rush, try small CSGO jackpot sites. You would not waste too much funds while enjoying fun and pressure. If you are searching for a source of income, however, matters become more complicated. Rushing into a game with no plan or strategy is certainly a way to lose your entire budget. Despite the fact that CSGO jackpot is a random-based game, you should still consider some techniques that pro players suggest to everyone willing to earn on the game. For instance, review sniping – a strategy good to win skins. If you have a skin valuable in comparison with the pot that is played, throw it inside 15-30 seconds before the time runs out. If you have shot properly, no one would be fast enough to react to your move, and you would have high chances of winning the pot. However, a missed shot would lead you to being the first in the new pot, where someone can snipe you as well. Another frequently used method is baiting, which is best for 2 players. One deposits some low-value skins at the beginning of a round, while the second player snipes a valuable skin closer to the end of the game.

CSGO Jackpot FAQ

The process should be simple if you have chosen a decent and trustworthy website to bring your money in. Most sites offer withdrawal to any widely used payment platform, be it PayPal, Skrill, or other financial service providers. Moreover, debit/credit cards of various banks are also supported, along with those issued not by banks, but by independent organizations, such as Payoneer, operating on Visa, Master Card, American Express, or even Union Pay platforms. The withdrawal procedure itself is commonly quite simple and only involves entering your account details for a smooth transaction flow.

Simply enter any website that offers a CSGO skin jackpot and complete registration procedure (commonly just an email verification). After you verify your account, make sure that you have some skins to bet and that your Steam account is open to transaction propositions from other users, as the website would request you to transfer your skins to make a bet. If everything is alright, your skins will be transferred from your Steam inventory to your inventory on the site of your choice. And that is basically it! Input as many skins into the pot as you consider needed to win a round. However, keep in mind strategies for a successful game if you are really willing to turn CSGO jackpot into your income source.

Quite simply. Players deposit their skins into a general pot, receiving tickets for every cent of their skins’ value. The overall number of tickets defines one’s chances of winning the pot – the CSGO jackpot is a winner-takes-it-all game. CSGO jackpot websites commonly charge 1%-10% of each game as a fee for their services. Despite it might seem that the game is totally dependent on luck, there are some successful strategies you might apply to increase your chances of winning. If you are not willing to spend a lot, consider small CSGO jackpot sites, which are perfect for beginners. They do not allow players to stake lots of money, thus preventing you from financial collapse.

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