CSGO Betting Odds

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular forms of esport in the world. It is a multiplayer first person shooter game, in which team members work together to defeat the enemy. There are several large scale CSGO events taking place every year in the United States, Europe, and Asia – and betting on these events has become a much loved and often lucrative pastime for many. In this review, we will compare CSGO betting odds and give you all the detail you need to make the best choice for your esports wagering experience.

Overview of CSGO Betting

Counter Strike first arrived on the burgeoning gaming scene in 1999, and has evolved since then to become the Counter Strike: Global Offensive that we are now familiar with. CSGO betting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and is now viewed as the ideal combination of a high quality, exciting video game experience and the chance to win decent amounts of money with a little knowledge of the best teams and players.

Gambling on CSGO has grown hugely in recent years – but how do you know how to choose the best bookmaker for placing those all-important bets? During 2016, esports providers generated over £260 million in revenue from a variety of sources – including media campaigns, tickets and associated items, and this looks set to grow even higher in the coming months and years. As a result, it’s not surprising that so many bookmakers are now taking a variety of different kinds of bets on all the major CSGO events and games.

To make the best choice, it’s a good idea to do some research on CSGO teams and the players within them. Sites like Reddit will give you an insider’s view of who the favourites are, which underdogs are creeping up the rankings and may be worth taking a risk on – and of course an idea of what skins are and how they work.
If you’re new to CSGO betting, you might be unfamiliar with skins. These are souvenirs and weapons that can be bought and sold with the aim of making a profit.

You can also bet on things like the outright winner of a game, handicaps, the region of the winner, correct map score and much more.

An Overview of the Markets Available for CSGO Betting

For the purposes of this review, we have looked at the markets available at our top ten CSGO betting sites. The sites that offer the best odds with the clearest markets include the following:

All of these sites offer great CSGO betting odds within a wide range of markets. At the time of writing, the markets on offer for wagering on the popular game include the following:

  1. CSGO ESEA Main
  2. CSGO ESL Pro League
  3. CSGO Headshot Cup
  4. Legend Series 1
  5. Hellcase Cup 3
  6. Razer Rising Stars Season 1
  7. Starladder Pro Series XVII
  8. Esports Championship Series Season 3
  9. ESEA Season 24
  10. CSGO Lootbet Cup

Within these markets, there are lots of ways to place a bet and make use of some of the best odds in the industry. There is so much choice regarding ways for CSGO fans to pit their wits against these top bookmakers that, with a little know-how and expertise – there is a lot of money to be made, especially when the best odds in the industry are up for grabs.

This makes the popular eSport even more exciting to be involved with – and also means that punters have a real chance of walking away with some great payouts. If you’re looking for decent returns on your csgo betting odds investment: these are the sites to go with.

An Overview of our Odds Comparison Offering

Here, we explain about the odds at each of our top sites – along with some extra detail that should come in useful.


Pinnacle is chosen by many CSGO bettors as it considered to offer great odds alongside some of the largest betting limits that can be found online. For newbies, the odds are much easier to understand than at some other sites – as there is a comprehensive guide to make them quick and easy to grasp.

William Hill

William Hill offers lots of choice regarding esports betting, and supports many of the most popular CSGO markets with odds that are easily comparable with all the top players. There are lots of games to get involved with, but it’s worth bearing in mind that this is a provider that often raises the odds before some of the others – so it’s important to do your research.


10Bet offers odds worth checking out for CS:GO events, other esports markets, and a wide range of other sporting events, matches and games. The provider is currently offering a great deal for new customers, that could be used to make the most of the odds offered on CS:GO games and really cash in. When you sign up, it’s simply a matter of making a small initial deposit of £5 or €5 – and then use it to place a bet. Once that’s done, your bonus of £50 will be activated – which you can use entirely free to stretch your CS:GO bet as far as it will possibly go.

Paddy Power

This is a CSGO betting site that offers good odds, although the range of markets and games offered may be a little more limited that some of the other bookmakers taking esports bets.


All new Tipbet customers can go for gold with the decent odds on offer by using their welcome offer to their advantage: a £50 bonus is currently up for grabs. There is a range of ways to bet on CS:GO tournaments, such as on the winner; spread bets; or over/under wagers.


Betway offers much more to CSGO bettors than just good odds: a wide choice of ways to place wagers – so members can flex their esports knowledge in a variety of ways; and an impressive collection of esports blogs that can be used to maximise the chances of getting a decent payout.


At Betfair, CSGO betting odds are worth watching, and there is usually a raft of good promotions and bonus deals to help you to get the most of your esports experience as possible. You can choose between decimal, fractional and American odds formats – allowing clarity whatever your preference.


This is a site that is purely dedicated to esports, so it’s a great choice for CSGO fans who want a tailored service alongside some of the most competitive odds in the esports industry.


GG-bet is also entirely focused on esports, offering excellent odds on CSGO events. The provider also offers added extras known as SkiPay– which can be used to make deposit with your skins from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Why you should use our CSGO Odds Comparison Page

In our CSGO odds comparison, we have gone into detail about how the game works, its place within the esports industry, and the sites that offer the best odds for CSGO betting. Here’s why our page is all you need to make your choice:

1. Comprehensive

We haven’t just looked at a few sites to compare CSGO odds – this page offers comprehensive detail on 10 different sites that all offer the best odds we have found.

2. Explanation of the game

Because esports is a relatively new industry, you might be new to CSGO betting – and this page provides an explanation of what kind of game this is, along with the different betting options that are available.

3. Detailed description of markets

We have covered every CSGO market that is currently available at all the sites offering the best odds. This means that you can make an informed choice and have all the detail you need to make your own comparisons for each of the markets.

CSGO betting odds are of course, ever-changing – but at CSGOgambling24, we are happy to recommend the sites as some of the top places for wagering on the popular Counter Strike: Global Offensive markets. As always, doing the research and using bonuses to make the most of even the best odds should see CSGO being a lucrative hobby for most punters.