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When people hear the word casino, in most cases, they immediately imagine a roulette wheel. It has been a symbol of gambling since the 17th century when it was developed due to the advancements of French and Italian engineering. But nowadays it became especially popular as a type of online gambling. The rules of this game are widely known. It is necessary to make a bet on red, black or green as well as on certain numbers, which correspond to those colors.

Today all fans of CSGO also have the opportunity of trying their luck in roulette gambling. CSGO roulette has the same rules as a usual variant but in a more simplified form. It means that you have to select only any of the colors without paying attention to numbers. If your bet on green wins, you will double your prize.

CSGO roulette sites are the most widely known among punters because they provide them with the simplest way of obtaining new skins or even real money. Even a newcomer will not have particular problems in understanding the rules. But to choose the best CSGO roulette site is not as easy as it may seem. Therefore, our service CSGOgambling24 took care of your time and effort and identified CSGO roulette websites with the best conditions. Apart from that, we managed to get special promo codes with bonuses for our users.

Best CSGO Roulette Sites 2020

The best CSGO roulette sites have deserved their high reputation due to many years of successful activity and cooperation with gamblers. They have proved that CSGO roulette betting can be safe and profitable. The CSGOgambling24 service conducted a careful examination of the most popular CSGO skin roulette sites and formed a Top 3 list. Do not forget to use their promo codes while signing up and receive free bonuses. The leaders of our ranking are the following ones:

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Exactly these websites were singled out because they provide the most advantageous terms for users who are fond of CSGO gambling roulette. In general, all of them offer different welcome bonuses giving the opportunity to play without making deposits. This feature attracts much attention because there are no absolutely free CSGO roulette sites, and no one wants to pay money without making sure that everything is secure.

In addition, all the top sites have a professional support team. The experts work around the clock, and they always are ready to answer all your questions. The support services there are functioning quickly and efficiently.

On all the selected roulette sites, CSGO skins are deposited from a Steam profile, which confirms the fact of safety. Most actions connected with bets, money, withdrawals or deposits should be verified via SMS. Every site is carefully protected so that any cheating activity is impossible.

The process of withdrawing prizes is also well-organized on all the top websites. If by playing roulette CSGO skins are won, you can obtain them in your Steam account via a trade offer. In case you win money, it is possible to transfer them to any card or electronic wallet. This process will not take more than several minutes.

New CSGO Roulette Sites with Best Promotions

On popular CSGO betting sites, roulette is the largest attraction for users. And there is no wonder that more and more new websites are being developed every year. It is a usual thing to come across various ads of new platforms like CSGO Russian roulette on social media. Some of them cannot conquer the big audience while others manage to achieve success. People are usually afraid of dealing with new CSGO roulette sites because they are not tested enough. There is a risk of becoming a victim of a scam.

However, our service CSGOgambling24 has checked new roulette sites that are expected to win the support of punters. They have striking potential but still suffer from a low level of popularity. As a result, a top 3 list was compiled:

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4.5 rating
+ 10% first deposit bonus
3.8 rating
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These new platforms have a rather controversial reputation because they have many pros with a couple of cons added. From a positive point of view, the new top variants have very attractive bonuses. On these CSGO roulette sites, free coins or real money can be given just for registration. The opportunity to play CSGO free roulette cannot be ignored by gambling fans because, in such a way, it is possible to win precious skins without paying money. Apart from that, they have a professional 24/7 support service. So, any problems can be solved in a few minutes.

Nevertheless, the following disadvantages are observed:

  • Lack of reviews from experienced users on the Internet, which makes it difficult to form a general impression about a certain site.
  • Difficulties with payment systems, i.e. not all of them are available, and this holds off many players.
  • Disability to stay afloat on a highly competitive market, which makes these sites to be closed in a short time.

How to Choose the Best CSGO Roulette Site for Playing – Expert TIPS

If you face the challenge of selecting the most appropriate CSGO roulette site, you can just take advantage of the top lists compiled by CSGOgambling24 service. Be sure, all the websites were thoroughly tested, and you will not have any problems while playing on them. But if you wish to create your own list of the best roulette sites, try to find enough time because this process is rather time-consuming.

To compare all existing roulette websites, you need to play there for at least a certain time. It is advisable to do everything step by step:

  1. Open a CSGO roulette platform and register on it according to all rules defined in the general terms and conditions (for instance, you need to be more than 18 years old).
  2. Evaluate its overall interface. It is important to feel comfortable while playing because an unpleasant color scheme or poor navigation can influence your mood and, therefore, luck.
  3. Assess the variety of games and slots represented on the platform. Even if you like to play exclusively roulette, pay attention to whether other variants are available. In case there is a wide range of options, the platform continues to develop and takes care of all clients.
  4. Try to find a bonus or promo code. First of all, you will be able to play CSGO roulette for free or with a certain discount. Secondly, you can check whether you like this particular platform or need to look for something more appropriate.
  5. Chat with other users and ask about their impressions, preferences, and experiences. You can also contact the support team to unpack all unclear moments.
  6. Check how prizes can be withdrawn. This process should not take a lot of time, yet it has to be secure. It is safer when you need to verify all actions via SMS.

The CSGOgambling24 Roulette Strat

It is believed that all gambling activities are just a matter of luck. No one can become an ideal CSGO roulette predictor and win all jackpots. However, most gamblers do not want to accept repeating failures. Therefore, they always try to come up with a new CSGO roulette strategy. Some of these strategies are already widely known, and many people use them, though not always successfully.



  • Martingale
It is one of the oldest roulette strategies. Martingale can be easily adapted to the CSGO roulette version. The main principle is to raise a bet after every win. But you do not have to deposit a large amount of money. It is better to start with smaller bets.
  • D’Alembert Roulette Strategy
It is considered the most secure way of roulette gambling. It offers to raise your bet after every failure but not so dramatically.
  • Reverse Martingale
This method implies that you have to decrease the amount after winning. When you fail, you need to raise a bet again. After the next winning, it is necessary to get back to that amount you wished to bet.

There are even specific strat CSGO roulette sites where you can specify details of your game and get a random strategy that can help you to become a winner. Such CSGO strat roulette does not bring fruitful results but you can use it just to have fun.

CSGO Roulette FAQ

The process of withdrawing usually depends on particular CSGO roulette sites you deal with. If the rules of our top roulette platforms are taken into consideration, you will receive your winning within half an hour. A trade offer should be provided within approximately 15 minutes. As experience shows, not all sites can provide for such fast withdrawals. If you do not receive your prize within the period of time stated in the rules of the platform, contact the support service to clarify the reasons and solve the problem.

For making a deposit to a CSGO roulette site, you need to click the Deposit button on the main page of the platform. Then you will be asked about the payment method you wish to use. The well-developed websites usually provide their users with a variety of different ways. You can give real money from credit or debit cards as well as from electronic wallets. Some platforms also support crypto currencies. CSGO skins should be deposited only from Steam or VGO accounts. In most cases, they will be transformed into special coins for betting.

Everything depends on the winning type. If you are lucky enough to win real money, you will be able to withdraw them to any debit or credit card as well as to an electronic wallet. For this purpose, you need to click a withdrawal button on the main page and specify all necessary data. In most cases, you will have to verify your actions via SMS. In case you win CSGO skins, you need to click the same withdrawal button and request a trade offer. Then just follow the instructions which will appear on the site in order to transfer your skins to a Steam profile.

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