• Wide selection of payment methods;
  • Well-designed site;
  • Excellent work of a support service;
  • It’s very difficult to clear bonuses;

The Tipbet esports betting site review will evaluate all Tipbet functionalities, and see what this German bookmaker can offer to fans of Esports betting, CS:GO betting in particular. Now based in Malta, Tipbet have sponsored Esports team Ad Finem in the recent past, as well as sponsoring several German sports teams, including Bundesliga soccer teams Werder Bremen and Fortuna Düsseldorf.

Tipbet Overview and Esports Betting Markets

A relatively young bookmaker, having been founded in 1995, Tipbet moved seriously into the eSports sector in 2016. Focused mainly on sports betting, rather than horse racing or online casino games, Tipbet offers a reasonable eSports betting service to fans of CS:GO. The company, which also operates a chain of betting shops in Germany, is counted as an offshore bookmaker for UK purposes, having no British licence. It is therefore advisable for UK customers to use a properly UK licensed bookmaker, such as William Hill, if they want to bet strictly within the law. Residents of the EU outside the UK can register for an account at Tipbet, though, so if you are British and living abroad, then it is legal to use Tipbet.

There are four eSports games on which Tipbet currently offers markets. These are CSGO, Defense of the Ancients 2, League of Legends and Starcraft 2. At the time of writing, Tipbet was offering markets on match winners, as well as a number of other match outcomes, such as first map winner and first blood. There was only one CS:GO event being covered at the time of writing, the ESL Mistrzostwa Polski. Customers could bet on the group stage match between Team Kinguin and Izako Boars, with the odds presented in the decimal format, favoured by continental European bookmakers. Reddit can be a very useful resource to find out which players are competing in which CS:GO tournaments, with a number of subreddits devoted to CSGO betting. If you favour a particular player, such as the great Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David, or Olof ‘olofmeister’ Kajbjer, then checking Reddit is a great way to find out what kind of form they are in before you place a bet.

Tipbet Website Functionality and Live Betting

The Tipbet website is functional looking and easy to use. The Esports tab is prominently displayed at the top of the page, and finding the available markets is a simple and straightforward process. All available markets are displayed clearly, with decimal odds. Each game on which markets are available has its own icon on the Esports page, and the number of available markets is clearly displayed at the left of the page. At the time of writing, there were 10 CSGO markets available, mainly for various outcomes on the match alluded to above.

There is a mobile version of the site available, as well as an app for Android and Apple users. This, of course, is a particularly useful tool for gamblers who like to bet live and in play on events. Some live betting options are available for Esports gamblers at Tipbet, though these were very limited at the time of writing, and there were no options for live betting on any CSGO events. The only Esports live betting which was taking place was for a League of Legends tournament. This does change, though, so if a potential customer is keen to use Tipbet, then it is worth checking back for live betting options.

Live Streaming, Bonuses and Extra Features

In 2016, Tipbet signed a deal with Sportradar to provide live streaming of several eSports games, including CS:GO. The ESL had a pre-existing deal with Sportradar which facilitated this move from Tipbet. Of course, Tipbet is not licensed to operate in the UK, so accessing these streams is problematic for UK users. If you are in the UK, using Twitch is a better option for viewing live streams of Esports events.

In terms of bonuses on offer, Tipbet has a good offer for new customers, though UK gamblers will not be able to access it, due to licensing issues. All new sports betting customers can opt to receive a bonus of either 100 per cent, up to a maximum of €100, or 200 per cent, up to a maximum of €50. The rules are that the player must make a first deposit, and then choose which bonus they want. For the 200 per cent bonus, a bet of less than €25 is required. Newcomers to betting may favour this option, while more experienced gamblers may be more comfortable with making a larger deposit. UK customers, as well as bettors from a number of other countries, do not qualify for this bonus, due to legal issues.

Customer Service, Licence and Security

In terms of customer service, Tipbet provides some very basic options, providing a customer help email address, but no other means of contact. There is no live chat function and no telephone number available. There is a large help section on the site featuring plenty of frequently asked questions, but this is one area where the Tipbet rating is not too high. Of course, UK users should not be using the site anyway, so customer service should not be an option for them. Customers can also contact the company using social media such as Twitter.

Tipbet is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, which gives it the legal right to operate in a number of EU countries, but not the UK. The countries which the license covers can be found in the terms and conditions section of the site.

SSL encryption is used by Tipbet to ensure that all of its transactions and communications are secure and safe.

Overall, Tipbet is a reasonable site for CS:GO betting fans to use, as long as they are not a resident in the UK, or other countries which the company’s licence does not cover. The result of this Tipbet Esports betting site review is that Tipbet seems to promise much for Esports fans, but does not really deliver that much value. UK users would be better off choosing a more mainstream bookie, such as Betway or William Hill, for a better range of markets, and for legal betting.

3.5 rating

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