CSGO Live Streams

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is arguably the biggest and boldest form of esports in the industry, boasting a solid fan base and ever-growing numbers of professional players and teams. Since the inception of the original game in 2008, CSGO has become increasingly popular around the world – with ever more major events and prize pools that just keep getting bigger and better. It’s one of the most watched esports on the planet – featuring high octane action in a multiplayer, first person shooter format. At CSGObetting.live, we understand how important csgo live streams are to punters both new and experienced – so we give you the tools you need to grab a slice of that all-important action.

How to Watch CSGO Live

There is lots of choice in terms of CSGO live streams, and of course – many thousands flock to the CS:GO events that take place throughout the year in the United States, and throughout Europe and Asia. However, it’s not always convenient for esports fans to travel to the tournaments, and under 18s are not usually permitted entry. The good news is, your geographical location doesn’t have to restrict you from enjoying all the exciting action that comes with CSGO games and big competitions – because live streaming is better than ever before.

For CSGO live streams, check out sites like YouTube, reddit, Twitch, Hitbox and Azubu – all of which offer live coverage of all the biggest and best Counter Strike: Global Offensive events. Some of these sites require you to sign up as a member, but this is usually a quick and simple process that just takes a few seconds. From there, it’s just a matter of checking through upcoming live events, and clicking on what you want to watch. Live streaming for CSGO has advanced immensely as a result of the massive growth and popularity of the game – so it’s now easier than ever to be an active part of the most thrilling video action, and potentially pick up big wins at the same time.

The Best Streaming Services Out There

It’s easy to find a whole host of live events on Youtube, which has a dedicated section that caters specifically for gamers. At the time of writing, there is a total of 304 games available for live streaming – so it’s a pretty comprehensive offering, and it should be relatively easy to find and access the event you’re looking for.

Reddit has a page that specifically offers CSGO live streams, with a whole raft of options being covered. To find the tournament you want to watch, it’s simply a matter of typing it into the search box and then selecting from the results. You can find out about the most current CSGO live streamed events on Reddit by clicking on the ‘new’ tab at the top of the main page. Because this is content that is generated by dedicated Counter Strike fans, it’s considered trusted and reliable – and offers the opportunity to become part of an interactive CSGO community.

Twitch is a popular choice for enjoying CSGO – offering a wide selection of live channels for all the big tournaments. To access these channels, you need to sign up as a Twitch member – but this is relatively straightforward, usually taking a couple of minutes. On becoming part of Twitch, you get notifications of when events are about to go live – which is great for ensuring that you never miss out on those all-important battles. You also get access to a huge catalogue of videos as well as CSGO live streams, and you can chat with other members. The combination of all these features allows esports fans to hone their knowledge and expertise of the markets and competitions – and be in the best possible position when it comes to placing bets on teams, players, map scores and much more.

There are over 60 CSGO channels on Hitbox, with regular streaming of live games and competitions. There’s no sign-up required, which is ideal if you’re in a hurry to immerse yourself in the most important and exciting Counter Strike battles. Hitbox also features community streams that are inhabited by the most knowledgeable fans and even some CSGO players – so it’s a great place to visit for tips and insider information. Lots of past Counter Strike: Global Offensive battle and victory stats are catalogued in video format – so you can familiarise yourself with how it all works before enjoying live streaming.

Azubu and Hitbox are interlinked, with the former live streaming provider acquiring Hitbox in January 2014. The current Azubu site does not offer live streaming at the moment – but it is under development, with results expected soon. Azubu have pledged to combine the best of their original offering with Hitbox, with a more transparent and easily accessible viewing experience, a more user-friendly site, and new features that allow CSGO live streaming broadcasters to interact with viewers. The result of this will be a greatly enhanced live-streaming experience that is participative for added excitement and a great way for fans to feel part of the Counter Strike: Global Offensive community.

Overview of Live CSGO Events over the Year

At CSGObetting.live, we offer all the detail on the biggest and best live CSGO events around the world, throughout the year. We understand how important these big competitions are, and we’re dedicated to providing a comprehensive service that caters for all your CSGO live streaming requirements. Here, we explain a little about each of the tournaments that takes place over the course of the year.

World Electronic Sports Games

This event takes place in January of each year, with the most recent having been played in Changzou, China. The competition was last won by Team EnVyUs – whose skill and expertise in Counter Strike was rewarded with a huge prize pool of $1,500,000.

ELEAGUE Major 2017

This tournament also occurs in January, with the action taking place in Atlanta, USA. The world class competition was a nail-biting action fest, and the event in 2018 looks likely to be no exception. Will current winners Astralis come back to reclaim the crown, and the $1,000,000 prize next year? We can’t wait to enjoy CSGO live streaming to find out!

ESL Pro League Season 5

The ESL Pro League is split into two major tournaments across the world – with one being played in North America, and the other being a European event. CSGO fans await the results with baited breath between February and May – so there’s still time to get in on the live streaming action and watch many of the games as they happen.

DreamHack Masters

The DreamHack Masters is one of the biggest CSGO competitions, with thousands of fans watching the action and betting on potential outcomes all around the world. It was most recently held in February 2017 in Las Vegas, with Virtus.pro – CSGO gaming giants, claiming first place after a series of valiantly fought battles.

Intel Extreme Masters XI World Championship

The Intel Extreme Masters was another triumph for Astralis in March of this year – and worth watching for 2018. Who will you place your money on when it comes to live streaming time?

StarLadder iLeague StarSeries Season 3

This competition always attracts a multitude of CSGO supporters, and this April was no exception. The action took place in Kiev, and the top prize was claimed by FaZe.

Esports Championship Series 3

This tournament spans two continents, so there will be lots of opportunity for some thrilling CSGO live streaming from wherever you are in the world. The esports Championship Series 3 is about to start (at the time of writing) in both North America and Europe – and there will be ongoing games right up until June 2017.

Intel Extreme Masters XII

This is set to kick off in early May 2017, with Sydney being the base to which many of the world’s biggest and baddest CSGO players and teams will flock in the hope of grabbing a piece of the massive $260,000 dollar prize.


This year’s ESL One is happening in Cologne, and the games will begin early July, culminating in the final on 9th July – make sure you’re ready with the best CSGO streaming and your bookmaker of choice. There’s a second ESL One in New York in mid-September 2017 – also very much worth the watching.

DreamHack Masters Malmo

At the end of August and the beginning of September 2017 is a great time to enjoy CSGO live streaming. This event is being held in Malmo, Sweden, and there’s £250,000 up for grabs!
Whether you’re just starting out on your Counter Strike: Global Offensive journey, or you consider yourself a bit of a seasoned veteran – CSGO live streaming is the best way to enjoy all the thrills and spills associated with the biggest events and competitions in the world. There are tournaments taking place all year round, so unlike other sports, CSGO betting can be enjoyed whatever the weather, whenever it suits you to be part of the much-loved esports community.