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Astralis esports CSGO team is one of the largest and well-known in the world. It is a professional team of expert Counter Strike: Global Offensive players, and was formed in January 2016. Astralis is the brainchild of players from Team Question Mark who made the decision to depart from Team SoloMid – and it has proven to be a success since its inception. The success enjoyed by the team is evidenced in the fact that they have been rewarded with substantial investments by other parties. Sunstone Capital put up an investment of several million Danish Kroner, and this was complimented by funding from Tommy Ahlers – a Danish businessman who clearly saw the potential of the Astralis esports CSGO team.

One of a kind

Astralis is unique in the world of CSGO, as it is the first team of its kind to be owned by its founding players. This includes: Karrigan, Dupreeh, Dev1ce, Xyp9x and Canjunb. The team is managed by Frederik Byskov. Because Astralis is owned by the players, who each possess a percentage, it is considered to be one of the most equitable, fair and transparent groups within the esports industry.


The Astralis logo is very distinctive, featuring a star within a star on a prominent red and white background. The team recently released a new jersey for CSGO fans, and there’s also a wide choice of Astralis wallpaper online for the many who like to declare their allegiance to this global brand. The wallpaper features the team logo, and some pieces incorporate the Danish flag for added pizazz – and can be used to customise desktops and mobile phones.

Roles within Astralis

Every player in Astralis has a specific role to play to allow for the best possible outcomes in competitions and events. Xyp9x, otherwise known as Andreas Hojsleth, has a vital role as a supporting player. Gla1ve, Lukas Rossander, is the in-game leader, and is considered to be an expert tactician. Kjaerbye, or Marcus Kjaerbye, is the newest member of the team – and is thought to be a fantastic asset due to his extensive experience with Copenhagen Wolves and Dignitas. Dupreeh, or Peter Rasmussen, has made significant progress in CSGO over the years – moving from No.18th in the standings in 2013 to No.12th in 2015. Dev1ce is a force to be reckoned with, due to the impressive skills and daring approach of Nikolai Reedtz – which saw him ranked 3rd in 2015.

Roster summary

The current Astralis roster includes the following players: Gla1ve, Kjaerbe, Dev1ce, Dupreeh, and Xyp9x. Since 2016, the team has played in a total of 26 CSGO competitions – generating winnings of almost $1.5 million. Dev1ce, Dupreeh and Xyp9x have been the most successful members, picking up the top prizes in an impressive 23 events.
The Astralis esports CSGO team have already achieved phenomenal success this year, being major winners in the 2017 ELeague in Atlanta, USA. They overcame the might of with a result of 2-1 in the final. What will the rest of 2017 bring for Astralis? It’s bound to be a triumphant year for this team of seasoned world professionals.

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