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Faze clan team

FaZe Clan CSGO team was acquired by the massive global entertainment and e-Sports organisation from G2 Esports. Coach Robert “RobbaN” Dahlström, one of the best in CSGO, set the team on the path to glory and it’s been obvious from the team’s slow ascension up the league standings that he’s got the team working spectacularly together.

Highlights / Strengths

In a very short time, FaZe Clan have come a long way. Massive wins have seen them ascend to the #2 ranked CSGO team in the world standings after Astralis. Taking a phenomenal $511k from just 28 tournaments, this is one team that’s going to be at the top for a long time.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

Team FaZe Clan’s CSGO logo is a classic shield design with an angular backwards F merged with a C with the team’s colours of blue, gold, and red slashed across the lettering. Their online store is huge, with everything to celebrate this incredible CSGO team from FaZe Clan jersey collections to their special private label merchandise. They also run a mean line of FaZe Clan phone wallpaper downloads.
Team FaZe Clan’s primary sponsors are Turtle Beach, Scuf Galaxy, and gammagamers. They literally have a massive online presence, with more than 4 million YouTube subscribers, 360 thousand Facebook followers and a big involvement with both Reddit and Twitch. And it all takes place from the FaZe Clan house in Los Angeles for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive official team.

Team Roles / Expertise

Norwegian entry fragger rain has been with FaZe Clan CS:GO from the start, acting as team captain and “dad of the team” thanks to his calming influence. Tactical brilliance comes from IGL karrigan, entry fragger and sometime AWP sniper in double AWP setups alongside the dedicated AWPer allu. kioShiMa provides extra entry fragger skills.
The most recent member of FaZe Clan CS:GO is one of the greatest Counter Strike players of all time, NiKo. This Bosnian legend arrived in February from mousesports, after a reported $500k buyout, the biggest in CS:GO history. NiKo brings incredible rifler skills and high volume fragging to a great team.


The current FaZe Clan CSGO roster consists of: rain, kioShiMa, allu, IGL karrigan, and new boy NiKo. This new line-up has been scoring massive CS:GO tournament wins in recent months, culminating in victory in the Premier Tier StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 where they won 2-1 over Astralis for a massive $125,000 prize and put FaZe Club into the #2 spot of CSGO teams. To get there the team won 11 straight pistol rounds, a new CSGO record.
Team FaZe Clan is a new breed of e-Sports organisation and this very special CSGO team has done incredible things in the short time they’ve been active. With huge support and a great organisation behind them, we think it won’t be too long before they’re pushing for that #1 spot.

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