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Fnatic CSGO team is part of a world leading e-gaming outfit, remaining strong through recent years, despite a few high profile line-up changes. Founded in 2004 by Sam and Anne Matthews, Fnatic have come a long way since Sam had to sell his car just to get the team to their first event. Fnatic have a massive online following, with tournaments live-streaming across Reddit and Twitch.

Highlights / Strengths

Fnatic’s Swedish team has undergone a fair bit of upheaval, but right now the line up looks stable and ready to win. Total winnings to date are $31million+ from 2209 tournaments. 2015 was a high water mark, $862,913 winnings from 43 tournaments, an amazing 44% of the year’s prize money. Based on 2017 results so far things aren’t quite so good, but with team Fnatic stable again, expect their standing to rise once more.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

The Fnatic logo is a distinctive orange monogram, a reversed F backed with a C with an I in-between. The blank space inside the logo forms the A. You can also read the entire symbol as a very cleverly stylised Tec-9 pistol.
Major sponsors include MSI, who provide hardware for the team. Other current sponsors include Monster, AMD, GGbet, Quersus, Newzoo, and Chillblast.
Fnatic is at the forefront of e-Sports branding, with its own line of Fnatic Gear merchandise including jerseys, professional grade equipment, and a range of downloads, including wallpaper for your own team Fnatic experience. In February 2017, Fnatic broke new ground with the world’s first e-Sports concept store in London.
Team Fnatic also have one of the best house track records in CS:GO. With Gaming Houses in Berlin, Belgrade, Los Angeles, and Kuala Lumpar this is a global brand that’s getting bigger and better year on year.

Team Roles / Expertise / Divisions

The team Fnatic squad is a return to a classic line-up. OlofmeisteR provides incredible leadership, paired with his deadly comrade in arms KRiMZ. Add the wildcard of JWonderchild, unpredictable and brilliant, flusha’s spectacular clutch round play, exciting newcomer Dennis and you have a team with incredible potential that can only build upon their past glories.

Roster & Achievements

The 2017 roster consists of the following players: olofmeisteR – one of the greatest all-round players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; KRiMZ, solo site specialist; JWonderchild, a wild card to the stability of the rest of the team; Flusha, great clutch round player; and dennis, brilliant rifle player.
The core of olof, KRiMZ, JW and flusha brought the team huge wins and massive rewards. Now the team is back together, we can only expect the wins to keep on coming.
Continued Fnatic dominance is ensured with a massive $7million investment in April 2017. This massive investment is going to further propel the Fnatic team to the forefront of e-sports. This really is a great sign for the continued expansion of e-sports into mainstream sporting culture.

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