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Team Overview

Immortals are a professional eSports team based in the United States. The team was founded back in October 2015 after securing the team 8 spot at LCS. They have since expanded and moved into CSGO, Overwatch and Super Smash Bros. The CSGO team was founded back in June 2016 when Immortals acquired Tempo Storm’s Brazilian line-up. Since then Immortals have enjoyed notable success which has caught the eye of investors such as Financier Michael Milken and film studio Lionsgate.

Highlights / Strengths

Immortals boast a sizeable audience on platforms such as Twitch and Reddit. While the main channel on twitch only has 600 followers, members of the roster such as Lucas1 provide over 60,000 followers to the list. It is the devotion to the fans that sets Immortals aside: their motto – “Passionately owned, professionally run”. Owned by CEO Noah Whinston (who dropped out of school to start the company), it’s his and their mission to create a fulfilling gaming experience to all their fans. Immortals strength can be seen in their match history, consistently performing month after month in 2016 with a positive win rate. The team to date has 91 wins to 42 losses.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

The Immortals logo sports a blue, bold centurion helmet with two interconnecting semicircle lines representing the “O” for Immortals in many of the team’s wallpapers and banners. While the colour of the logo varies from wallpaper to wallpaper, it’s the sky blue that’s represented on the team jersey accompanied by a blue trim and grey stripes. The official roster jerseys can be found on Immortals’ website where you can show your support for the team by purchasing wristbands, t-shirts and other items with that signature helmet on each product. Immortals have even expanded into underwear, recently being sponsored by underwear company MeUndies, featuring players from league of legends in a “Quest for immortal love” video.

Team Roles / Expertise / Divisions/

Eyes will be on Lucas “Steel” Lopes as 2017 progresses, the 23-year-old and fairly recent CSGO player to join the roster is the man at the helm of the ship. Steel is said to rally the team, improving the environment around him. Henrique “HEN1” Teles a veteran to the game, brings with him a wealth of experience and character, with his trademark cap to match. Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles, (twin brother to HEN1) has been playing CSGO with his brother right back in 1.6; don’t let his smile fool you, he’s a rock solid player and knows how to focus on the win. Ricardo “Boltz” Prass is one of the younger members of the team, at 19 he’s still growing with the game. He’s said to be clever and intense but shares a lighter side outside of the game. Lincoln “Fnx” Lau is the newest member of the team but by no means the least experienced. With six world championships under his belt, the 27-year-old is just getting started. Rafael “Zakk” Fernandes is the glue that holds the team together, tasked with the hard, but rewarding job of managing the team. He’s a professional in the field, having played since 2009, and is more than equipped to deal with any challenges.

Roster / Achievements

The Immortals roster currently consists of 5 core member: Steel, Hen1, Lucas1, Bolts and Fnx – as well as their team coach Zakk. The team has seen considerable success least year placing 1st in Northern Arena 2016 and DreamHack Summer 2016, beating the Swedish team, “Ninjas in Pyjamas”. With their next match scheduled for April 13th against team “C9”, all cards are on the table, will Immortals bring the house down?

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