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Mousesports has been in the esports business for a long time and has always specialised in Counter Strike, setting up in Berlin in 2002 with the intent to dominate the German gaming world. It worked. Within three years they were ranked 1st in the GotFrag World Ranking, won the EuroCup and finished 3rd at the Electronic Sports World Cup 2005. A founding member of the G7 teams, they’ve consistently been in the upper levels of world standings for Counter Strike and now CSGO. Recent upheavals might have made the news, but mousesports will be hoping to put all that behind them for the 2017 CSGO season.

Highlights / Strengths

The dream 2015 mousesports CSGO team of denis, nex, spidi, gob b, chrisJ and the incredibly talented NiKo formed the basis of mousesport’s reinvigorated CSGO team. But that potentially incredible team failed to really gel, with NiKo often the only shining light.
So far in 2017, mousesport’s player roster has been in upheaval. Nex left for the player owned BIG, but the huge news came with the $500k departure of NiKo to FaZe Clan after February’s DreamHack Masters Las Vegas. But a new stable line-up following NiKo’s transfer should see this mouse roar once more.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

As you would expect, the mouseports CSGO team logo is a stylised red mouse head, available in the mousesports store as a smart looking enamel pin. Their store is full of red mousesports emblazoned merchandise, whether you’re looking for a player jacket, t-shirt or even a gaming chair.
mousesports major sponsors are ZOWIE, Sennheiser, Fanobet, DXRacer, and NITRADO. The team are popular and active on social media with nearly 250,000 Facebook followers, 75,000 Twitter followers and very actuive threads and streams across Reddit and Twitch.

Team Roles / Expertise

mousesports has never really been a team to rigidly stick to roles, with fluidity in play all important. Spiidi plays in game lead, always putting teammates first. ChrisJ is a veteran CSGO player for mousesports, returning to the team but switching from his usual AWP game to act as support rifler, with Spaniard loWel as the team’s expert rifler. Denis plays entry fragger, always keen to enter the bombsite, aggressive when needed but can also play a mean AWP alongside mousesports primary AWP sniper oskar.


The current CSGO mousesports roster from April 2017 is spidi, oskar, loWel, denis and chrisJ. The team is coached by former CSGO pro LMBT_R. This CGSO team has amassed $502,000 for mousesports, regularly placing high in the standings. Their biggest CSGO payday thus far came at the 2016 3rd/4th place finish at the ELEAGUE Season 1 with a prize of $70,000.
This longstanding CSGO team might have had some issues over the last couple of years, but starting 2017 afresh following NiKo’s departure might well be the thing to kick-start their resurgence. This CGSO team has a rich history and we’re expecting good things for the future from this not so little mouse.

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