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Introduction / Team Overview

SK Gaming is a major professional e-Sports organization based in Germany with a massive history in CSGO. Formed way back in 1997, Schroet Kommando very quickly found their way into the thrilling world of Counter Strike and success was swift. SK Gaming continues to go from strength to strength, with bases in Cologne and Los Angeles and a team house in Newport Beach, California.

Highlights / Strengths

For two decades, SK Gaming has been at the forefront of gaming, and has been heavily into Counter Stike and CSGO since the game’s inception. Their CSGO teams have accumulated a phenomenal $3.7million prize money across some 491 tournaments.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

With its iconic SK logo, a stylised S wrapping around the K, SK Gaming has an impressive range of quality CSGO merchandise for all tastes. If you want a simple CSGO team jersey that’s fine, but we love the new team shirts with player names and perhaps cleverest of all, the RUN SKG Brazil t-shirt, borrowing its design from the classic RUN DMC logo, all set against the Brazil flag.
SK Gaming’s major sponsors are Visa, erazer MEDION, Intel, HyperX, honor, and Boomeo: the CSGO website dedicated to helping us all become better players. SK Gaming players have an active role in Boomeo, and of course they live stream across Reddit, Twitch and YouTube, where they have a massive 38,000 followers.

Team Roles / Expertise / Divisions

The SK Gaming CSGO team is remarkably stable for a major outfit, with four of the players joining in July 2016, when SK Gaming gained its all Brazilian CSGO team from Luminosity Gaming.
Fer is the team’s entry fragger, and his importance to the team showed last year when he took time off for surgery on his nose and ear. FalleN plays as primary AWP sniper, and IGL is tactical lead. The amazing ‘coldzera’ plays main rifler/ secondary AWPer. His incredible MVP performance in the ESL One victory saw this scarily consistent rifler tally up over twenty kills in every single match bar one. TACO plays as entry fragger and is a brilliant clutch player. Newest team member felps, a strong entry fragger, joined in February 2017.

Roster & Achievements

The current all Brazilian player roster consists of fer, FalleN, coldzera, felps, and TACO.
Team SK Gaming CSGO had an incredible 2016, 3rd/4th place finishes in two ELS Season 2 tournaments in December netting $65 and $60 thousand. Their biggest win came with their victory at ESL ONE Cologne in July 2016 where they walked away with a cool $500,000 after defeating Team Liquid 2-0. This form has carried forward to this year, with successes in the DreamHack Las Vegas (2nd winning $100,000) and the ELEAGUE Major Atlanta (3rd/4th for $70,000.)
This team of Brazilian CSGO stars really are set to blow things up in CSGO this year. Currently at 4th in world standings, they’re sure to be threatening the top teams once more.

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