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Team EnVyUs is an American esports organization founded in 2007 and has teams in the several competitive leagues, one of which is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The EnVyUs CSGO team, based in France, entered the CSGO competition in 2015 after signing the core of French LDLC team. Since the original roster, the team has gone through a variety of changes and currently only Vincent ‘Happy’ Schopenhauer is left from the original team, who is now captain.

Highlights / Strengths

In the first year of competing professionally, team EnVyUs was very successful and ended up ranking 2rd on the global CSGO standings, only falling behind the popular Fnatic. But in the following year the team experienced a variety of internal issues which resulted in players leaving and new players joining. They couldn’t keep their top ranking and slowly dropped to 15th place on the global CSGO ranking. But with a strong start in 2017, winning the World Electronic Sports Games 2016 last January, Team EnVyUs finds itself climbing up the ladder again.

Branding / Sponsorship / Logo

EnVyUs CSGO team, also known as ‘the boys in blue’ with their official team colours being blue, black, white and grey, are currently being sponsored by several top brands, such as Monster and HyperX. Their house is set up with top gear sponsored by Zowie, DxRacer, and NZXT. They certainly don’t have excuses for lack in performance when it comes to their hardware, so keep an eye out for their logo this year on jerseys and wallpapers.

Team Roles / Expertise

The EnVyUs team captain is currently Happy, who has the role of rifler and in-game leader. Happy is the most senior member of the team going back all the way to 2015. Second most senior player is Sixer with the role of AWPer who has joined the team in October 2016. In February 2017 the team attracted three new players all in the role of rifler. Their player names are RpK, xms and ScreaM who all have a very good reputation and surely have the potential to bring up the teams ranking this year. The team is currently being coached by maLeK. Make sure to check out each players profile to get to know them.
Maybe most promising for this season is the acquisition of Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom. The Belgium national from Moroccan descent had an impressive last year and currently has the highest ranking within the team. Make sure to check him out on Reddit as you will find many references to his crazy head shot skills.


Despite last year’s drop in ranking, team EnVyUs has still managed to get some very good results. They became 1st at Gfinity 2016, they got the 3rd place DreamHack masters 2016 and another 1st place at the Global esports Cup season 1. Their total winnings up to now is slightly over 1,78 million US dollars.
2017 will be another year with plenty of events and EnVyUs CSGO team has everything it needs to climb back up the ranking ladder. We hope to see them qualify for the big events such as the ESL One CS:GO in Cologne Germany and DreamHack Masters in August in Malmo, Sweden.

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