CSGO Betting Strategies

As with any form of betting, esports gamblers need some kind of strategy to make sure that their bets are as successful as possible. While many different forms of betting strategy have been tested over the years by sports bettors, all with varied success, there are a number of things that you can do to maximise your chances. Here are some tips to help anyone develop their CSGO betting strategy.

Picking the Best Odds

Finding the best prices is a key part of being a successful esports gambler. This is why it pays to have accounts with several bookmakers. That way, you can shop around for the best odds on the matches and teams on which you want to bet. The differences may be marginal, especially for esports markets, which often have low odds, but they could be significant if you are placing several bets at the same time. Shop around for the best value, and always make sure that your bookmaker of choice is offering markets on the events on which you wish to bet.

Using Accumulators

An accumulator is a type of bet slip where a bettor makes a number of selections, with the winnings from one bet rolling over to be used as a stake for the next bet on the slip. All the odds are multiplied together, making this type of bet potentially very lucrative. If one bet loses, though, the whole coupon fails, so making the right choices is important.

Accumulators are very useful for esports gamblers, especially if they are betting on individual match outcomes, rather than overall tournament outcomes. By making several selections, an esports bettor can maximise the chances of making a decent profit from the often low odds on the esports matches.

The key is making the right selections, and not getting carried away with the prospect of big winnings from betting on a string of outsiders. Bet on at least one favourite, especially in the early rounds of tournaments, as this will anchor the coupon, and make it less likely to fall at the first hurdle.

Staying Informed

All kinds of betting need to be backed up by knowledge and insight. Betting on instinct may bring some lucky wins early on, but that luck will soon dissipate. Anyone who wants a sharp CSGO betting strategy needs to be as well informed about the Counter Strike scene as possible.
If you have played the game, then that will help you to analyse the tactics used by different players and teams, and allow you to better evaluate their chances of success in matches and tournaments. It also helps to read as much esports related news as possible. Knowing about how players are currently performing, often referred to in betting circles as their ‘form’, will always give a good indication as to whether it is worth betting on them.

Bet Small

It is also a good idea to bet using small stakes, at least at first. This way, your losses will not mount up, you will not be tempted to make stupid, large, long shot bets to recover your winnings, and betting will stay fun. This is some of the best betting advice going, and it pays to follow it.

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