Esports Betting Terms

Esports betting terms: ‘The terms at play’

Just like gaming, gambling has evolved in recent years and with the introduction of esports, the market has given way to a whole new approach to betting. There are various ways to bet, but do you know your Match bets from your Live Betting? This guide breaks down the most popular esports betting terms you’ll see online.


Your Bankroll is quite simply, the amount of money you have ready to use for betting. Whether it be £10 or £1000, keep your eye on your Bankroll when considering a bet.


Tier is something you’ll definitely hear being thrown around in the esports world. Tier is a CSGO betting term (among other games) that is used to describe a group of similarly skilled teams or individuals. Teams in Tier 1 are the best in the tournament and likely to have lower odds.

Outright Bets

While match betting is about just betting on the outcome of one single game, outright bets involve betting on the outcome of the entire tournament. Because the ascension to victory is such a long one the odds for outright bets are usually quite high. The best time to place an outright bet is before the tournament has started and before teams have had a chance to prove their odds. Once teams are knocked out the odds are lowered each time.

Match Bets

Match Bets are your basic type of bet. If you are even a tiny bit familiar with the concept of betting, you’ll know that the general concept is placing money on a team or individual you think will have a winning outcome in the set match / game etc. Because of the limitations in variation for match betting there is usually less return for your investment. Match Bets are straightforward and are usually the preferred option for most people betting due to how easy it is to keep track of a single game without the bet being tied to a larger competition.

Accumulator Bets

If you find that your match bets are bringing in the lower odds you might want to take a look at accumulator bets. As the name suggests you are simply clumping together your pool of bets into one outcome. By waiting for 2 or 3 bets to go your way (known as a double or a triple) you’re taking an extra risk, but their outcome is greatly rewarded and it’s not unheard of for punters to rake in thousands off of £1 or £2 accumulative bets.

Live Betting

While not all sportsbooks offer the service, live betting is building traction in terms of popularity, largely down to the adrenaline of being in the moment and the thrill of timing the perfect bet. Live betting is incredibly tactical and is definitely a CSGO betting term that should be considered carefully as it requires an immense understanding of various aspects of what is happening in-game to predict a winning outcome.

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