CSGO on Reddit

What is Reddit?

Reddit has become one of the most significant social media sites on the internet, hosting many thousands of discussion boards, where members can freely discuss a wide variety of topics. Obviously, it has become very popular with esports fans, who enjoy its usability, range of topics and access to like-minded people who can discuss things with knowledge and insight.

As of early 2017, over 542 million visits were being recorded by the site every month, with 234 million unique visits. That means that the site ranks number 14 in the world, in terms of most visited websites.

There is a lack of pretentiousness at Reddit too, with users not having profiles which enable the kind of social media ‘showing off’ that exists at other sites. This means that the main focus of the site is its lively discussions, rather than users trying to outdo each other with selfies, food photos, or career boasts. Only previous threads and their ranking are displayed on a user’s profile. This means that esports fans can use the site for discussions about esports, rather than anything more ephemeral.

Why is it useful for esports fans/gamblers?

Reddit is very useful for esports fans, largely because there are very few other places on the internet where so many knowledgeable people gather to discuss the topic. Sub reddits can be found on almost every aspect of esports, whether you want to discuss players, teams, tournaments, current form or the future of the sport. Whether you want to trade knowledge on great players, or recruit new fans to following your favourite teams or players, Reddit is the place to do it easily.

If you are a fan of betting on esports, then the kind of insight which is presented on Reddit can be very useful indeed. There is probably no better resource, with access to such a depth of discussion and insight, anywhere on the internet when it comes to esports. With users kick starting the discussions themselves, and choosing their own topics, there is also a democracy to the site which few other discussion forums can match. This makes it a goldmine for the kind of information which helps to shape a successful betting strategy.

What content is there?

The great thing about Reddit is the sheer variety of topics under discussion on a daily basis. For example, CSGO reddit /r/GlobalOffensive is a sub Reddit which covers almost every aspect of CSGO playing and watching that you can imagine. Not only is there plenty of discussion, it is also a place where users post video of matches and incidents. There are tactical hints and tips from players, news about the world of esports, player profiles, and a whole host of other diverse content to tickle the fancy of any esports fan.

Using CSGO reddit /r/GlobalOffensive opens up the chance to explore a vast amount of discussion-led content, and is a great place to find CSGO specific information. Before anyone places an esports bet, it should be their first port of call.

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