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CSGO skin trade is an example of a unique online economy, with its own rules and market tendencies. It is no wonder that in such favorable conditions, hundreds of thousands of CSGO trade sites have emerged. CSGO trading bot sites offer exchange and sell services for in-game items, or skins, which allow you to greatly upgrade your inventory or even make CSGO skins trade your source of sustainable income. However, with such a great deal of pressure and competitiveness on the market, it is no surprise that some CSGO trade websites are trying to make their profits cheating or stealing from you. So, how do you distinguish reliable CSGO trade up sites among the others?

Let us do the job! We at CSGOgambling24.com know that there are dozens of good CSGO trading sites, but which of them are truly the best ones? If you do not have time or don’t want to put your efforts into locating such sites, do not hesitate to rely on our choices! CSGOgambling24.com has found the best CSGO trading sites for your safety and comfort. We have completed a large-scale trading survey with almost 20 CSGO trade bot sites involved and picked some best ones for you. All the sites from our list have undergone examination from our expert team, which allows us to recommend them to you and to guarantee their quality.

Best CSGO Trading Sites and Bots 2020

So, what is it that distinguishes the best trading sites in CSGO from ordinary ones? In searching for an answer to this question, we have created a unique evaluation system for CSGO trade bots. It covers all the essential requirements that a site must meet to be considered among legit CSGO trading sites by our team. Here are our picks for best CSGO trading sites 2020:

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What makes these sites so special? Here are some insides into our evaluation criteria:

  • Safety. Safety issues come in the first place when speaking of financial operations, which, of course, are the core of skin trade for CSGO. All the sites we recommend pay the utmost attention to keeping your personal information secure from any third parties or unwanted leaks. Make sure that your transactions are protected from interruptions as all the sites from our list boast developed security systems guarding you against losing your funds.
  • No need to worry about finance withdrawal. All the CSGO trade servers that we recommend have multiple payment options available. The transaction flow itself is smooth and fast, with just a few clicks required from you to save your money on any platform convenient to you.
  • 24/7 availability from all over the world. Make sure to keep your trade for CSGO running from wherever you would like. This option is especially convenient considering the differences between traders’ time zones, as your partners can be in any part of the world.
  • Support teams are always ready to assist you in resolving any issues you may encounter while trading your CSGO skins. The personnel on these sites are friendly and helpful, and you can be sure that your case will be reviewed individually and attentively.
  • In search of a CSGO trade site that values your time? Not a problem! Ensure CSGO fast trade operations even if you are in a rush. Earn your money on the go!

New CSGO Trade Sites with the Best Promotions

CSGO skin trade is a rapidly developing industry worth billions of dollars. It is no wonder that there are new entrants into this business emerging every day. CSGOgambling24.com has made a list of the best new CSGO trade sites, which do not yet have enough recognition among the public but were checked and approved by our team similar to their older counterparts. Here’s what we have found:

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Here are some advantages that newly opened sites tend to possess:

  • Very attentive customer support. Whenever having to interact with the site’s team, you would find out that they are extremely caring and willing to assist.
  • Significantly profitable bonus systems. New sites tend to attract players by offering great rewards at the beginning of their gaming path.

However, there also are some drawbacks when playing on new sites:

  • If you want to trade CSGO skins for a living, you might find old sites more reliable, as many of the new ones tend to disappear soon.
  • Recently opened trade sites for CSGO commonly have very few to no reviews on the Internet, which makes it difficult to understand whether they are reliable or not.
  • Few withdrawal options are available, making it difficult for some players to conduct their financial operations.

How to Choose a Good CSGO Trading Site for Playing – Expert Tips

Feeling like standing on uneven grounds when choosing a website to trade CSGO skins on? That’s no wonder, as the market is flooded with propositions. Here are top tips by CSGOgambling24.com on choosing a trading site:

  • Have you ever thought of how to trade in CSGO successfully? Firstly, make sure to check out the Internet for reviews and complaints from players. CSGO Reddit trade discussion might appear very helpful here, as people tend to share their unbiased opinion on forums. Steam community discussions may be of some use as well, along with a Google search.

  • Secondly, if you are willing to trade skins in CSGO for a long time or even to make it a sustainable source of income, make sure to use a website that offers multiple withdrawal options. Remember one simple rule here – the more, the better. Multiple payment platforms are your best friends as they raise your safety, ensure you would not lose your income if some of them get banned in your country or disappear by any other reason, and so on. Therefore, a site that supports many payment withdrawal options is a good one.

  • Speaking of the site design, there are also plenty of things to consider for a beginner trader. Make sure that all design elements on important pages are conveniently located to avoid missed clicks and accidentally selling some of your skins. The color palette should be not too aggressive to make sure you are not distracted from trading. Lastly, the page layout should highlight important elements so that they are always intuitively accessible.

  • Last but not least, make sure to check out the page with legal information, such as the owners’ contacts, the terms of service, a list of the obligations and rights that you and the website should follow. If you feel like something is wrong with the legal aspect of the site’s operations, do not hesitate to contact the support team to resolve all the issues.

How to Start Trade CSGO Skins

The beginning of your path as a trader is probably the most difficult part as there seems to be an enormous amount of data you need to remember if you are willing to succeed in the field. However, there are some shortcuts you can apply to facilitate the beginning of your career on skin trading sites for CSGO. Firstly, before actually putting some real money into the business, consider checking a CSGO trade up simulator that will let you grasp the overall sense of the game and observe some rules without wasting money. Second, as you have decided how much you are willing to invest, try to avoid such thing as CSGO instant trade, at least until you can say that you know the market well enough to make calculations quickly. Remember to open your CSGO trade link to everyone, so that your partners would be able to send you trade requests.

As you are thinking of how much to invest in the game, you would most likely encounter troubles with the initial bank you are putting in. Most people want to start with a few cents but end up either with no profits or with a loss. A couple of dollars sound like an easier path, but do remember that items worth less than one key ($2.5) are not the best available on the market. Regarding keys, those would probably be your primary point of concentration, as keys are universal currency in the world of CSGO skin trading sites. Unlike skins, keys never change their value, so all other items’ values are measured in keys. Keep that in mind if you are looking for a good deal, as a confused beginner might easily be tricked by scammers.

Finally, whenever registering on a website, ensure to paste in your trade URL CSGO, so that the site or your trade partners would be able to reach you with their trade requests. Also, you would probably encounter such thing as CSGO bot trade, which we will observe in detail in the next paragraph.

CSGO Trade Sites VS CSGO Trade Bot – What Are the Differences?

trade websiteWebsite

Trade bot icon


CSGO trade sites presuppose transactions between people, on negotiable terms. This means that you would need certain communication skills to set deals with real people. A CSGO skin trade bot is designed to ease and automate the trading process; it eliminates the need for personal interactions between traders. Trade bot CSGO capabilities are limited to providing you only with skins they have in possession at the moment.
Concluding a CSGO trade up contract with a person might be easier and more applying to your personality if you feel that you are good at working with people. Moreover, you can not only trade goods in your possession right now but set some long-term deals for the future. If you want to make a CSGO trade fast, bots are your choice, as they are always online and ready to exchange skins. There will be no waiting time when trading with a bot, and you can be sure that it won’t miss your trade request.
There are no guarantees that a middle man you are trading with is not a scammer, except for your own intuition. A bot is unable to cheat, scam, or pretend to be someone else, so you can be quite sure that you wouldn’t be scammed.

CSGO Trading FAQ

Similar to withdrawal, a deposit procedure should be as simple and smooth as possible. Firstly, ensure that your Steam inventory is open for trade requests, as the website would send you one as soon as you choose to deposit items. After you receive a trade request, simply accept it, and your items would appear in your profile on the site. And that’s basically it! Make sure to track changes in your inventory carefully as controlling the trade deals flow is essential for a successful trading career.

First of all, you can conclude a trade up contract for CSGO skins on a dedicated Steam marketplace. Keep in mind, however, that it charges 13-15% of every transaction. Then there are plenty of online marketplaces where you can exchange, sell, or buy almost any skin released. If this is not enough for you either, try out CSGO bot trading sites, which offer a significantly faster operation flow at a reasonable price.

If you want to enjoy CSGO and trade skins successfully, you would need a solid knowledge of the market, decent communication skills, and the ability to memorize loads of data at once. The CSGO skin trade is quite similar to the stock market, as skins tend to behave like stocks, that is, react to changes in the game and around it, change the value over time, and sharply rise or drop in the prices.

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