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Every CSGO player is definitely fond of various skins and unlikely to say no to expanding his or her gaming inventory for free or at least for a relatively small sum of money. Therefore, all modern gambling websites attracting the audience by giveaways, bonuses and multiple games are becoming more and more popular. The reason is rather simple and clear: this is the easiest way of getting free CSGO skins and coins.

In addition, there are also different gambling opportunities where you can win real money. However, in most cases, such an attractive offer will require you to make at least a minimal deposit at first. You can also face other terms or restrictions, so you’d better read all the information given on a gambling site before participating in its activities.

Steam has developed a lot of rules that restrict CSGO players’ trading opportunities. Moreover, accounts are often banned there. Therefore, alternative VGO skins were created, and you can easily win, sell, exchange, save or lose them without any limitations.

However, it is not a simple task to select the most appropriate VGO gambling site because today, there is plenty of scam in this area. Even if people lose their skins due to misfortune, they stop trusting the platform and start looking for something new.

Best Sites to Play a VGO Game in 2020

Nowadays, there is a bunch of sites offering to play a VGO game of chance. The most important factors to determine the best ones are reliability and security since no one wishes to be cheated. However, for using any CSGO VGO website, you need to have some VGO skins. But what is the VGO skins phenomenon?

These skins are usually used as payment for playing a certain game or as your bet. They are analogous to Steam skins but can be used for trade or exchange without a chance of being banned. You are able to get them from the VGO OPSkins market or directly from opening VGO cases.

When you have some VGO CSGO skins, you can take advantage of them on various gambling sites. has tested them to create a list of the best ones. In the process of selecting, different aspects were taken into consideration such as reliability, safety and security, the speed of withdrawals, available bonuses and promo codes. As a result, the following top 3 list was compiled:

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All these sites offer a wide range of available games and slots. These platforms have proved that they are reliable and secure. In case of any difficulties, you can contact their customer support, and they will answer all your questions. In addition, it is also possible to communicate with other users of the platforms in a special chat where you can ask about everything you are interested in.

The main disadvantage of skins obtained via gambling sites or VGO items from OPSkins is that you cannot use them in real CSGO games. For instance, if you win a desired VGO machine gun, you will not shoot with it while playing. But you can instantly sell it on the market, make an exchange with other users or gamble with it. As a result of betting, you can win some coins, new skins or even real money.

How to Choose a VGO Gambling Website?

Although most people doubt to which gambling site to go, VGO platforms usually have similar terms and conditions, as well as the assortment of available games. But they are rather different in their interface, bonuses, and codes they offer, the speed of withdrawals and the level of safety. All these aspects should be taken into account in the process of selecting the best site to play a VGO game.

A website interface can be easily assessed at first glance. If you plan to enjoy gambling for a long time, it is important to like how everything is organized and designed. Choose only those sites where you can contact the support team in case of some difficulties. It is also advisable to select a site with chats or forums created for their users. This will give you the opportunity to communicate with other users and ask about their attitude and experience.

Bonuses and promo codes are the best ways to try your luck without depositing much money. The most reputable VGO gambling sites always provide their clients with such pleasant surprises. You can find such codes on the Internet or on the social media pages of those platforms. Then just enter a code in a specific field and activate your bonus. It can be provided as a certain number of free coins or even as a small sum of real money. It is possible to gamble using promo codes on all these sites and then decide which one is your favorite.

In addition, always check whether there is a special button for money withdrawing on the main page. It is better to deposit a small amount of money and try to withdraw it back. If there is no problem with this process, you can start depositing larger sums. Moreover, it is advisable to use those sites where all operations should be approved by a verification code via SMS. It means that the VGO site has a reliable security system.


Even experienced CSGO players often ask: what is VGO? Actually, it is a platform of items based on the blockchain system. It was specifically developed for trading activities without possible bans or limitations, as opposed to Steam. You can utilize VGO skins on various gambling sites as a special currency. All these processes are carried out very quickly and easily. It is like a VGO robot doing everything from selling to exchanging while you’re just trying your luck at winning games.

It definitely has noticeable advantages:

  • Absence of restrictions and bans (your account cannot be blocked while it is a usual thing in Steam where there are 16 trading limitations).
  • Possibility to have several accounts simultaneously (you will instantly get a ban for such actions in Steam).
  • Absence of additional fees (you do not need to pay money for trading VGO items).
  • No dependence of trading results on the age or activity of accounts (everyone has the same rights, no matter whether your account is new or old one).
  • Absence of limitations concerning the volume of inventory (it is possible to have a limitless number of VGO skins).

For the purpose of starting the gambling activity on a VGO gambling site, you need to deposit your skins obtained via OPSkins market, trading operations or lotto winnings. This will not take a lot of your time and effort. All you need to do is find the Deposit button on the main page, click it and choose which items you would like to take. Then you will receive a trade offer from the site. Accept it and start your gambling activity immediately. Most VGO gambling sites offer their users to play standard casino games including roulette, jackpot, crash, coin flip, and various slots. You can also select an upgrade mode where it is possible to improve your skins or change them into more valuable ones. In this case, you can get great items or lose everything.