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Searching for the easiest, fastest, and safest way to upgrade your CSGO inventory and receive new skins? Or even want to make real money on trading virtual goods? CSGO case opening websites are your best choice! CSGO case opening refers to a process of using virtual keys traded as a currency to open specific crates with various items. By using the services of case opening sites for CSGO, you can avoid buying cases and keys to them yourself, passing these operations to the site you are using. However, there are plenty of sites on the Internet that tend to cheat, scam, or simply steal your money. So how do you define credible ones?

Just let us do the job for you! We have carefully reviewed the market and formed a list of the best CSGO case opening sites. The team of professionals working in CSGOgambling24.com has more than five years of experience in CSGO case opening, meaning that they know the topic better than anyone. Our proficiency and dedication allow us to define the safest and the most credible websites for you to utilize in the future. Moreover, we have put our best efforts to cooperate with these brands and persuade them to provide the most profitable bonuses for CSGOgambling24.com users so that you could play and enjoy the game without any issues.

Best CSGO Case Opening Sites 2020

We at CSGOgambling24.com care about your experience while playing on websites that we recommend, so make sure to check out registration bonuses from our company! The sites that we suggest stand out of the crowd due to their utmost attention to safety and customer service, availability of best skins, and fast and convenient finance withdrawal. Here are our top 3 picks for the best CSGO case opening sites:

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So, what makes the sites on our list that special? Well, here are some top features:

1️⃣ Always best skins to offer. Make sure not to miss out on the newest collections released by Valve and the coolest skins already available on the market. The sites from our list ensure that you always get only a prime quality drop for the money you pay.

2️⃣ Safety. When using the websites from our list, you can be sure that your personal data is protected and kept from the access of any third parties. Transactions and financial operations on these websites are always carried out with the utmost attention and security guaranteed.

3️⃣ No problems with finances/skins withdrawal. All skins or coins that you win will be transferred to your respective accounts immediately upon your request. The withdrawal process itself is fast and simple, with only a few steps required from you to receive your skins/coins.

4️⃣ The sites from our list care about customer satisfaction, so all of them have great support teams to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and carefully.

5️⃣ All these websites care about their reputation, so they put their best efforts to make your game as convenient and pleasant as possible.

6️⃣ Finally, almost all of them provide you with the possibility to get free cases for matching various conditions. If you looking for a CSGO case opening website specifically for you, make sure to check out our list!

New CSGO Case Opening Websites with the Best Promocodes

Due to the extreme profits that the CSGO case opening industry generates, new companies are trying to enter this market every day. We have carefully reviewed the market and chosen some trustworthy new websites we recommend you to check out. If you are hesitating whether to choose a new CSGO case opening site in favor of an old one, consider the top 3 new sites list by CSGOgambling24.com:

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Here are some advantages that new sites tend to have:

  • ? Great bonus systems to attract more customers. New sites are doing their best to gain the audience as fast as possible, so they offer very profitable bonuses at the beginning of their operation.
  • ? Their customer support service is always willing to assist you if any issues arise.

However, we also see some negative tendencies that new sites are often subject to:

  • ? They usually have very few to no reviews on the Internet, which implies that there is no completely established reputation for these companies.
  • ? Sometimes, there is a relatively small number of payment withdrawal options available.
  • ? Due to the harsh competition on the CSGO case opening market, new sites tend to disappear fast if they do not bring their owners immediate profits.
  • ? New sites with no established client base and reputation to lose tend to scam their customers.

How to Choose the Best Case Opening Site for CSGO – Expert TIPS

First of all, we at CSGOgambling24.com suggest you to mind that sites promising CSGO free case opening tend to be quite unreliable. Case opening websites’ main goal is to earn money on their business, so the ones that state making everyone wealthy as their main goal should not be your primary choices. Also, make sure to check out the reviews from users on the Internet and on a dedicated Steam community page, if the site has one, as well as to look at the Reddit pages for the best case opening site for CSGO.

Secondly, consider checking the website’s design, quality of images and elements of the interface that appear on its main page. These are essential elements for any CSGO case opening site, and cannot be overlooked if the owners care about their business. If the website’s main page looks appealing to you, make sure to further investigate its legal status on the respective page. Any credible company should provide a list of contacts somewhere on their site, so that you could reach them if any issues arise. Moreover, the page with terms and agreements should also clearly point out your chances of winning and other legal aspects of the game.

After you finish reviewing the terms and agreements page, consider looking at the payment withdrawal options that the site offers. Numerous supported platforms should be a good sign. If the website has met these conditions, and you consider it to be trustworthy, you can proceed with depositing a small sum of money and perhaps opening your first case. Many sites tend to reward users for their first purchase, so make sure to check out the bonus system as well! If a website offers numerous bonuses, why not make use of them all? Finally, see if you can withdraw your winning with ease and if the sum you won arrives on your respective account soon. In case the site has met all the above conditions, and you feel confident about its quality, you have found the right place to play!

How to Get Started?

First of all, make sure that you are aware of your actual chances of winning something valuable when you are opening cases in the game itself. Playing CSGO allows you to obtain up to 2 random cases per week, with a key to each of them worth $2.5. You can try out a CSGO case opening simulator available for almost all platforms to see what items you can get from different cases.

If you are opening cases online, however, things are totally different. Most websites offer various types of cases including both in-game ones and site specials. For instance, the latter might include cases offering items of a certain rarity category, ones priced above an established value, etc. To find a proper direction in the world of case opening in CSGO, make sure to accurately count the budget you are willing to invest in the game. If you are opening CSGO cases just for fun, that should be it. Simply do not spend more than you can afford, and the game would be interesting for quite a while. And make sure to find a suitable website relying on our tips from above, of course)

However, if you are looking at CSGO case opening as a sustainable source of income, the matters become more complicated. You would need an established strategy to ensure that the game brings you profits.

CSGO Case Opening Strategy from CSGOgambling24.com

  • When starting to open CSGO cases, make sure that you know which items are valuable and which are not worth your attention. Remember that skins in CSGO tend to behave similarly to stocks in real life, so be aware of rapid rises/drops in their prices. Accordingly, a case that contains a skin that is changing value would also become subject to price re-estimation.
  • If you are able to create your own case, consider the one that is risky but will bring you significant profits. Make sure that the case you create will bring you a 10-30% chance of getting large gain over the sum you invest in the game. One of the skins you bet should be worth $0.05 or less for a successful outcome. The next one, to actually bring you profits, should be priced between $5 and $500, depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend. Afterward, there is only one successful strategy – opening a case until you actually gain more than you initially invest.
  • If you are about to get some new skins for your inventory, consider the following strategy. Create a case that will include any items you are willing to get and be priced somewhat in the middle between the highest and smallest item value. That is, for a case worth $2 to open, items in it should be priced from $1.5 to $2.5.


Multiple case opening sites will allow you to get some skins for absolutely free to promote their brand names in the eyes of the audience. Most likely, you will still be asked to complete a series of actions to obtain free skins, like putting the website’s name into your Steam nickname so that everyone could see it, or logging in a few days in a row, or sharing the free CSGO case opening site on social media.

The procedure should take a few very simple steps to finish. First, you will be requested to allow trade with other players in your Steam account setting. The site would also ask you for a link to your Steam profile so that the system could access your inventory and show items that can be deposited to the website. After you choose which skins you would like to deposit, the bot will send you a trade request for the corresponding items.

Decent and trustworthy CSGO case opening websites tend to offer their clients the withdrawal process as fast as possible. Normally, skins should appear in your Steam inventory within 24 hours after you request the withdrawal procedure on a website. However, do keep in mind that due to Valve’s policy on skin exchange, you are not able to do anything with a skin received by exchange or trade during one week after you obtain it.

To answer this question, you need to possess extensive knowledge of the CSGO skin market, as different skins drop from different cases. Consider checking a case opening simulator for CSGO or do an online search to find out what a certain skin is worth and from which case you can obtain it. If you are able to make your own case, make sure to check out our case opening strategies above. Also, try checking out CSGO revolver/shadow case opening, as these 2 collections contain some pretty valuable items.

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